Fire department receives 19 calls for service in July

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

Smoky River Emergency Services handled 19 calls for service in July, a higher volume than normal.

“The fire department had a busy month,” says Fire Chief Marcel Maure, who made his report to the M.D. council during their meeting on Aug. 15.

The breakdown is:

. Four medical calls.
. Four fires.
. Six monitored alarms.
. Three calls for investigation.
. One motor vehicle collision.
. One motor vehicle collision on a provincial highway.

The fire department hosted two courses, the basic emergency management course, as well as the SCRIBE course in co-operation with Alberta Emergency Management Field Officers.

The fire department hosted two groups of children, who learned about the self-contained breathing apparatus and saw the fire trucks.

Members of the fire department trained for vehicle extrication and how to fight wildland fires. Also, the fire department now has a better radio system, the Albert First Responders Radio Communication System, which came into effect Aug. 1.

Maure has issued a Request for Proposal for a new fire engine. The bidding closed on Aug. 23 and council will decide during a future meeting.


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