Fire chief praises Voyent App

Emily Plihal
Local Journalism
Initiative Reporter

Smoky River Regional Fire Chief Marcel Maure would like to remind residents about an app they can download to get up-to-date information about issues and incidents in the region.
M.D. of Smoky River signed on to Voyent Alert last year, a notification service that provides immediate information to residents. Residents simply have to download the Voyent app and register, which they can do by visiting
“Residents should sign up to Voyent to keep informed of changing situations,” says Maure. “We are currently using it to pass on information to residents at the quickest possible time.”
The communication platform will help to keep you and your family safe and alert when the municipality needs to get information across to you. It will also inform residents of local events and disruptions that may impact daily life, such as the boil water advisory the Smoky River Region is currently under. The system is currently used by all the towns, villages, and the M.D. in the Smoky River Region to distribute information.
Notifications will be immediate and will inform people of critical and potentially life-threatening incidents as they occur. This could include things like a fire breaking out close to your home, a major disaster occurring that needs residents to evacuate, or any number of other alerts that can contain safety information, including map directions of optimal evacuation routes.
“The passage of information is critical and getting that information to the residents in a timely manner is essential,” says Maure.
“So on your mobile device, which is with residents most of the time, the passage of this information could help avoid something serious.”
Additional information a participant can receive could include things like traffic backups or accidents along normal commuter routes, a closure of a park, or even changes to municipal garbage pickup schedules. Multiple locations can be added to an individual’s preferences, so various location notifications can be received.

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