Fern’s Greenhouse “Children’s Day” offered five hours of fun on May 6

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

“Children’s Day” at Fern’s Greenhouse, as the name of the event suggests, is a family oriented occasion when kids are entertained with crafts, games and a particularly favoured attraction, the petting zoo.

At the Sunday May 6 event, which ran from 10am to 3pm, the animals arrived around noon and included a Shetland pony, a sheep, two piglets, a rabbit, a goat and a very mild mannered, patient donkey.

While the kids watched and petted the animals in the bright, warm weather, inside the 60,000 square foot greenhouse with an extensive variety of garden ornaments, water fountains, plants, flowers and vivid hanging baskets, a number of avid gardeners browsed the aisles looking to get a start on their gardens.

Mother’s Day is another occasion that Fern’s celebrated recently but the real momentum takes place on the May long weekend, which is the official planting time for gardeners in this region.

Fern’s Greenhouse is 14 Km north of Girouxville on Highway 744 in the Jean Cote area.


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