FCSS Volunteer Appreciation Day event celebrated local history and tradition

Jean Moore-Lemoine (center) hosting the FCSS Volunteer Appreciation event

Tom Henihan
Express Staff
Approximately 50 people attended FCSS Volunteer Appreciation Day event at Girouxville Community Hall on April 25.

In recognition of Canada’s 150th anniversary the event paid tribute to local history with a number of heirlooms from the Girouxville Museum on display at the top of the hall.

Carmen Ewing, Girouxville mayor and president of the Societe Historique De Smokey River and Diane Therriault presented a brief history of many of the communities in the region.

Helene Couillard gave the background story on an antique cradle made by Monsieur Boisvert that is also part of the Girouxville Museum’s permanent exhibit.

Present at the event were FCSS Director, Georgia Dubois, Crystal Marschner Family and Youth Program coordinator and Diane Servant administrative assistant.

Jean Moore-Lemoine FCSS Community Development, Home Support and Transportation Coordinator hosted the evening and prepared the food for the event.

Staying with the local history theme, the supper consisted of beef stew, biscuit and desert, delicious traditional fare that tempted everyone to go back for second and third helpings.

“The FCSS volunteer appreciation Day event is to show our appreciation for those who volunteer for FCSS and also those people who give their time volunteering in the community in general,” says Jean Moore-Lemoine.

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