FCSS provides home support help to needy

Emily Plihal
Local Journalism
Initiative Reporter

People in Nampa or Northern Sunrise County can have access to a program to help them with daily tasks in their home, should they require it.
Nampa/Northern Sunrise County FCSS provides a Home Support program that will provide various services to people who require additional help.
Director of Community Services Amber Houle says the program has been in place for more than a decade, but some residents are not aware the service can be provided to them.
“The Home Support Program is available to adult residents (older than 18) of Northern Sunrise County and the Village of Nampa, who are ill, have physical limitations preventing them from being able to manage tasks around their home, and for those recently discharged from hospital,” says Houle.
“The program also assists residents that access Home Care Services, upon referral from the Home Care office,” she adds.
The program is subsidized by Northern Sunrise County, making it more accessible to people who need it. Clients will pay a fee that is based on a fee schedule previously determined by FCSS. The schedule takes into consideration the person’s total net income from the previous year’s income tax return to determine the client’s fee.
“If family income is unpredictable, other methods may be used to determine the fee,” says Houle. “We try our best to work with each client to determine a suitable rate.”
Houle explains that FCSS has had up to 12 clients utilizing the Home Support Program, and since the onset of the pandemic have been coordinating services for four to five clients each month.
“The Home Support Program allows individuals to remain in their own homes longer,” she says. “Acquiring housekeeping services can be costly, and we recognize that some individuals are on set incomes which may not accommodate traditional housekeeping services.”
Services provided can include housekeeping services like laundry, dusting, and other tasks. It can also include menu planning and meal preparation, respite care, and other home management services like weeding, washing windows, and clearing sidewalks.
“Clients can access the Home Support program for a maximum of six hours per week,” says Houle. “Most clients will start with a weekly service and gradually move to every two-week format.”
Anyone who would like to learn more about or acquire services through the Home Support Program can contact Houle at (780) 625-3287. Houle will then go to the person’s home to complete the screening and application process. If the client is eligible for the program, they will be assigned a Home Support Coordinator.
“It is our goal to provide the client with the most professional and exceptional level of service, we ensure all Home Support Coordinators complete a criminal record check, Standard First Aid training, and a Child Welfare Information System Check,” Houle says.
“We have zero tolerance for substance use during Home Support service hours for both the client and the coordinator,” she adds.
The Home Support client or coordinator can refuse services at anytime. They are both encouraged to report verbal, physical, and sexual harassment immediately to the Director of Community Services at Northern Sunrise County.

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