From making cosmetics to cooking and painting, FCSS “PD Day Adventures” provides fun, learning experiences

Sarah Keates giving a presentation at “PD Day Adventures”in Ecole Providence.

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

This school year’s first FCSS “PD Day Adventures” took place at Ecole Providence in McLennan on Monday, September 25.

Last year I was doing PD Day trips for the youth but unfortunately the different school divisions’ professional development days don’t line up,” says FCSS Youth Programmer Crystal Marschner. “So this year’s PD Day programs are half day adventures that I do throughout the year with the different school divisions.”

Sarah Keates from Grimshaw facilitated activities at the first part of PD Adventures at Providence. Keates runs “Green Goddess” an enterprise that produces cosmetic and skin products made from natural ingredients.

Originally by trade I’m a massage therapist, I worked on the cruise ships doing massage and that is where I was first introduced to essential oils, sugar scrubs where we did all these luxurious treatments. “ says Keates. “I damaged my shoulder and that ended my message therapist career but I found that I had a passion for crafting my own products and I love doing this sort of things so I started making products.”

At the Ecole Providence PD Day, Keates showed the kids how to make sugar scrubs and beeswax lip balm and worked with them while they made their own products.

In the second part of the PD Day Adventures, Crystal Marschner engages the kids in various fun activities.

The PD Day program also provides the kids with a healthy lunch and snacks, which is supported by Falher IGA “I Scream for Ice Cream,” program, which earlier this year donated all proceeds raised from the sale of ice cream to the FCSS Youth Programming.

The second PD Day Adventures was held at Ecole Heritage on Friday, September 29 when artist Sherry Crawford came in to do painting with the kids.

High Prairie School Division’s first PD Day Adventures will be on Friday, October 20, when Isaac Kocherla will teach East Indian cooking in the kitchen at G. P. Vanier School in Donnelly.

The PD Day Adventures program accepts a maximum of twelve children on a first come first served basis.

I only take twelve kids as I have to have the right ratio,” says Marschner, “because in the afternoon it is just me and the kids, so I have to make sure that they are safe.”

The Pd Day Adventures cost $20 per child but there are subsidies available.

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