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New FCSS director introduction

Lynn Florence


After six years of being with Smoky River FCSS, Georgia has moved to Grande Prairie FCSS and is now the Clairmont community program coordinator. We wish her all the best and thank you for all your dedication you gave to our community!!

I would like to introduce myself. I am the new director for Smoky River FCSS. I grew up in the area and I am very excited to start this new position. Some of you might know me from Fern’s Greenhouse and I have managed the bowling alley in Girouxville for a year.

I also love to organize events like our LAHF Troupe dinner theater in Jean Cote and I was this year coordinator for the Honey Festival. I truly had an amazing time at the Honey festival reconnecting with lots of old friend and coworkers and making new friends.

These past couple of weeks have been a huge learning experience for me. With our amazing staff – Jean, Crystal and Diane – I am learning what all FCSS has to offer our community and how we can help. With fall now upon us, it’s time to restart all our youth and senior programs and also our Christmas voucher program.

September also marks the start of our senior bowling every Tuesday at Smoky Lanes bowling and Conversation Corner starts up in Girouxville, McLennan, Donnelly, Wanham and Eaglesham, with lots of games and laughs.

Jean also has a special trips coming up, like Oktoberfest in Slave Lake and Pumpkin Festival at Smoky Lake and then also her regular trips to Peace River and Grande Prairie. Calendars can be mailed or emailed periodically to you if you call us at (780) 837-2220.

Chrystal is working on her youth courses like babysitting courses and Home Alone and helps families with her Triple P course. Chrystal and Marianne Jones will be going in the schools to teach Roots of Empathy. Chrystal is also planning her youth trips to EC Bar ranch for a Halloween flashlight night and a lot more to come.

Keep up with what’s going at Smoky River FCSS on Facebook, or call (780) 837-2220 for more information.

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