Farm Safety Centre provides lessons to Routhier students

04 MO EcoleRouthier-FarmSafetyCentre#1(THREE-COLUMN)

Students in the English ECS class listen to Carla Richard's lesson entitled, 'One Seat, One Rider'.

04 MO EcoleRouthier-FarmSafetyCentre#2(THREE-COLUMN)

Students in the Grade 6 French class write out their answers to the lesson provided by Carla Richard, entitled,
 'Bigger, Faster ... But I'm Smarter'.
Students at Ecole Routhier in Falher recently had the opportunity to learn about farm safety, especially when it comes to animals and machinery. Carla Richard, the Safety Smarts Instructor for the Farm Safety Centre in Sexsmith, was at the school during Jan. 20-21, providing lessons to all grades, with the message tailored to each age level. For instance, under the theme ‘One Seat, One Rider’ she taught the students in ECS learned about the importance of only one person riding on a quad, and that no one should ride in the cargo box of a truck, to ensure their safety. For the Grade 6 students, she had them write their answers to safety questions on erasable boards, and showed videos of people who’ve experienced injury not by using machinery properly.


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