Family and Friends had the best of times at McLennan Family Day

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

The McLennan Family Day motto “the best of times are always found with friends and family” was personified by the enthusiastic attendance at the February 18 event.

Following the Royal Purple Elks Frosty Fun Family Run, people rested and warmed up at the hall, enjoying refreshments including hot chocolate, coffee, juice and popcorn.

Families also dropped by the H.W. Fish Arena for the Family Day skate from 2pm to 3pm.

Around 3pm the Elks Hall began fillingl up with people coming to chance their luck at winning one of the many bingo prizes.

Maggie Gervais, a long time, principle organizer of the Family Day event called the numbers, and a few volunteers worked the floor, verifying the numbers when someone called bingo.

In spite of the weather being quiet cold the sleigh rides started at 5pm and undeterred by the punishing wind chill, the kids jumped on board at and headed to the bonfire site, which had also got going at 5pm. The usually grand finale fireworks on the lakeshore happened promptly at 7pm.


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