Falher’s street improvement project to proceed in 2018

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

During their meeting on Jan. 15, the council for the Town of Falher approved a motion to proceed with municipality’s street improvement project for Main Street.

All of the municipal portions of walkways will be replaced, from Third Avenue South to Railway North. The municipality will only replace the owner’s portion of the walkways, who agreed to the payment terms.

Council remuneration
Council passed a motion to amend the remuneration policy to allow a maximum of one subcommittee meeting per year, per councillor.
Council also passed a motion to tentatively reschedule their strategic planning session for April.

Old Smoky River Express building
Council passed a motion to extend the deadline for the removal of the old Smoky River Express building, prior to April 30.

Alberta Community Partnership grant
Council passed a motion for the municipality to participate in the Alberta Community Partnership grant application process, for the development of the Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework and the regional Intermunicipal Development Plan.


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