Falher’s new subdivision to be called ‘Honey Vista Estates’

Mac Olsen
Express Staff
During their meeting on February 13, the council for the Town of Falher approved ‘Honey Vista Estates’ as the name for the new subdivision.
The municipality held a naming contest for the subdivision and Judith Colter’s submission was approved.

Also, council approved the name of a street as part of the new subdivision, Tardif Street, in recognition of Margaret Tardif’s 36 years of service to the municipality.

Garage sale bylaw adopted
Council approved a bylaw that covers garage sales.
A residence can host a maximum of four garage sales per year, per resident, to a maximum of four days for each one.

Debenture to be paid in full
The Smoky River Water Commission had a debenture under the Town of Falher.
Council has agreed to pay out the debenture in full.
Council also agreed to pay an additional $1,588.99 for the replacement of flooring in the lobby of the Falher Regional Recreation Complex.
The work was supposed to cost $6,600 originally, but it went over budget.

Fire inspection tender approved
Council approved the fire inspection tender of Revolution Fire Protection Ltd. of Edmonton.
It is a three-year contract, in the amount of $3,078.40 each year.

$500 donation for SARDA Trade Show
Council approved a $500 donation to the SARDA Trade Show in March.
It will help cover the cost of the exhibitors’ wine and cheese event.

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