Falher Region Pool offering combined Bronze Medallion/Bronze Cross course in August 13-16

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

Although the Life Saving Society’s July 15 to July 22 “National Drowning Awareness Week,” is now past, it doesn’t mean that awareness and preparedness for being around the water or coming to other’s aid is any less of a concern.

In fact, being at the height of summer with the month of August still ahead it is a perfect time to continue every effort to be capable of surviving adversity in the water and helping others in distress.

Swimming is fun, an excellence way to stay fit but unlike many other activities and sports, being able to swim is also a lifesaving skill especially with the proper training.

To that end, Krystin Morin the head lifeguard at the Falher Regional Pool is continuing to offer some valuable programs over the summer, such as the Bronze Star course she presented on July 3 and 4 that saw all of its three participants successfully complete the course.

The bronze star course is for kids under age 13 who are planning to take the Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross courses, which requires participants to be at least 13 years old.

The Bronze Star course offers an indispensible foundation in preparing to acquire the Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross, which includes individual and collective decision-making, problem-solving, basic first aid and rescuing techniques. These are all essential skills for those aspiring to be a lifeguard.

The Bronze Star course also included a 400-metre timed swim.

To continue developing people’s skills, Morin is offering a combined Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross course from August 13-16, which already has 6 registered participants. However, there is still plenty of room for anyone wishing to take part.

The Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross course develops lifesaving and first aid expertise and offers several rescue techniques that can be applied to a variety of common aquatic setting.

Participants must be 13 years old or have successfully completed the Bronze Star.

This course is compulsory for those planning to take the National Lifeguard course. One must be at least 16 years old to become a certified lifeguard

Another class that Krystin Morin is offering this summer is Junior Lifeguard Club, which is held every Wednesday beginning June 27 until August 15. The lifeguard club teaches kids ages 9 to 13 to Canadian Swim Patrol levels with a focus on lifeguard preparation.

“I decided to offer this course in hopes of inspiring and encouraging our youth to become lifeguards at our facility in the future,” says Morin. “This class allows students to familiarize themselves with our facility and develop confidence in their lifesaving abilities.”

For more information regarding course fees and pool schedules contact Krystin at 780-837-2481.

Head Lifeguard Krystin Morin and Senior Lifeguard Kassidy Turcotte at the Falher Regional Pool.


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