Falher IGA “Milk and Me” program provides valuable support to all Routhier students

Left to Right: Makayla Hebert, Diane Benoit, (Routhier Principal), Jackson McKay, Bridgette Campbell (IGA Assistant Manager) and Jainee Macleod.

Tom Henihan
Express Staff
Falher IGA participated in the IGA “Milk and Me” program, subtitled “calcium in the community” that ran from March 17 to March 23.

Launched in stores across Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba the program donated a total of $50,000 worth of milk in communities across the three Prairie Provinces.

How the “Milk and Me” program functioned is when customers purchased 4L Lucerne Milk jug at IGA, the store matched the purchase by donating the equivalent amount of milk to a school or community organization.

Individual IGA stores were free to donate the milk from the program to a school or organization of their choosing in their community and Falher IGA chose Routhier School.

The donation amounted to Routhier students each receiving two 230ml cartons of milk at a total value of $464.33.

Routhier principal, Diane Benoit expressed her gratitude for IGA choosing her school and was pleased with how the milk program reinforced other HPSD initiatives.

“We are grateful the Falher IGA chose us to partner with them and Sobeys for their Milk and Me Program. Programs such as this tie into the Nutrition Initiative we are piloting within High Prairie School Division and provide invaluable support to our students.”

Educational Assistant and Milk Program Co-Ordinator Jacqui Laliberte was pleased that all students benefited through the program.

“Not all our students are able to take part in our Milk Program at school. As such, they were very excited to be surprised with free milk on two separate days. On behalf of the staff and students at Ecole Routhier School, I wish to thank the Falher IGA and Sobeys for choosing us to sponsor.”

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