Exposed gas line on Judah Hill to be abandoned in early September

Susan Thompson
Express Staff

Northern Sunrise County is working with ATCO Gas to cap and remove an exposed gas line on Highway 744 on Judah Hill.

Council received a presentation from Justin Hicks of ATCO Gas regarding the exposed line at their regular meeting on July 9.

“There is a pipe that seems to be waving at us as we drive by,” Reeve Carolyn Kolebaba said.

“Currently what is exposed is abandoned, but it’s just a temporary isolation,” Hicks said.

The line is currently a valved off block. ATCO is now planning to fully abandon the line from Nampa all the way down the hill.

“Because of the geotechnical challenges of that side coming in, we’ve just made a larger line from Grimshaw, [and] we no longer require the transmission line coming down Judah Hill,” Hicks explained.

“What the project pretty much entails is an abandonment, and it should be a two day outage. The important thing I guess for customers to know is there will be 43 affected customers, but I think there will only be 11 actually affected by the outage,” he said.

The affected customers are in between Nampa and Judah Hill. The tentative timeline of the abandonment is September 2 to September 8.

Deputy Reeve Norm Duval asked if the line would still remain in place, because that would continue to cause interference with infrastructure repairs on Judah Hill.

“It’s been a problem for us because Alberta Transportation can’t work around it,” Duval said.

“Historically we treat abandoned lines like live lines, but I think through conversation we can determine where we need to remove,” Hicks said.

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