Expansion planned to provide services for parents and children

Emily Plihal
South Peace News

Royal Canadian Legion Peace River Branch is looking to make some improvements to its building to provide service to parents and children.
Legion president Chad Shoaf says with a skateboarding park and splash park right next to the facility, Legion members want to make sure children have a safe place to get a snack or beverage.
“We’ve heard from some parents that it would be great if we were open during the day for kids to use bathrooms and buy water or other refreshments,” says Shoaf. “Right now, kids have to walk across a couple very busy streets to go to the gas station on Main Street.”
Shoaf says the intent is to build a deck off the south side of the building, which has a parking lot that connects to both recreational sites.
“We want to put picnic benches out there, so parents can have a place to relax and wait for their kids instead of waiting in their cars,” says Shoaf. “We want to provide music outside and we hope to buy a cotton candy machine and a slush machine.”
The Legion has a donation thermometer at its facility for the deck project, and volunteers are hoping to raise $20,000 with renovations expected to be done by next summer. Shoaf says that Mercer Peace River Pulp Division recently donated a generous $5,000 to the project and the Legion is working hard to raise the rest of the funds. By helping the Peace River Boating Association this summer, they were able to add nearly $1,300 to the project coffers. So far with all the fundraising initiatives, the Legion has managed to raise nearly half of the money required for construction.
Each Saturday until October, the Legion will be holding a Car Boot Sale in its parking lot from 9 a.m. until 1 pm. Interested participants can pay $10 to park their cars outside in the parking lot, using their trunk to hold a mini household item sale. Alternatively, folks can pay $20 to have a spot inside the building to sell their items. Shoaf explains this adds about $60 per week to the Legion’s deck project fundraiser, and he’s hoping additional participants will come out for the last few weekends.
If you would like additional information on any of the fundraisers or would like to make a donation to the project, please call Shoaf at (780) 624-1233.

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