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Richard Froese
South Peace News

Voters are being urged to cast their ballots in the federal election set for Oct. 21.

To vote in the federal election, eligible electors must be registered at their current address, says a news release from Elections Canada dated Sept.

All registered voters will receive a voter information card in the mail by Oct. 3.

An Elections Canada office for the Peace River – Westlock riding is located in Peace River in the Midwest Building at 9715 – 100 Street.

The office is open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., Saturday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday from noon to 4 p.m.

Assistant returning officer Brenda Brochu can be reached by phone toll-free at (1-866) 754-5450.

Incumbent MP Arnold Viersen of the Conservative Party faces at least three challengers.

Peter Nygaard of Joussard is running for the Green Party.

John Schrader of Westlock carries the banner for the new People’s Party of Canada.

Leslie Penny of Barrhead is running for the Liberal Party.

More candidates may be added to the list.

Voters can also register at advance polls from Oct. 11-14, the Thanksgiving Day long weekend from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

“We are required by the Canada Elections Act to hold advance polls on the 10th, ninth, eighth and seventh days before election day,” Chief Electoral Officer Stephane Perrault says.

To vote, electors must be a Canadian citizen, at least 18 years of age on election day and prove their identity and address.

“By registering, checking and updating your information, you are making sure that you will get a voter information card,” Perrault says.

“I encourage voter to do so as early as possible.

“With a voter information card in hand, electors can be confident that they have accurate voting information directly from Elections Canada.”

Electors can use Elections Canada’s online voter registration service to register, check their voter information and update their address.

Connect to elections.ca.

People can also visit their local Elections Canada office or call 1-800-463-6868 to register or make changes to their voter information.

Elections Canada agents will reach out to voters in certain areas such as new residential developments, high-mobility areas and long-term care facilities, to offer voter registration services.

These agents will be located at public registration desks, and, in some circumstances, may even visit electors door to door.

Information on voting and polling stations will also be posted in local newspapers.

To register or for more information, go to the Elections Canada website at elections.ca.

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