Energy rehab program extension

Alberta Energy Minister Sonya Savage announced April 6 the extension of the Site Rehabilitation Program.
“More than $780 million in grant funding has already been allocated to more than 500 Alberta-based companies, creating more than 3,700 jobs for hard-working Albertans,” says Savage.
However, with more than 18,800 wells approved for abandonment work and more than 9,600 approved for reclamation, the work is not done. Up to $1 billion of federal oil and gas relief funding will help put Albertans to work by speeding up well, pipeline and site closure efforts in the energy sector.
Savage says the extension was requested with all the work left to do. As a result, the federal government granted a 45-day extension.
“This will allow a little more time for the processing of applications received by March 31, and will provide a few extra weeks for companies to carry out clean-up work,” says Savage.

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