Emergency alert abused, say residents

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

The use of Alberta’s Emergency Alert System April 30 prompted several emails to newsrooms around the province, many of them calling the action an abuse of power.

The alert warned Albertans of “hotspots” and urged them to take precaution.

“Any reason why it’s the same siren noise used for people to go into their bomb shelters in Nazi Germany?” asks Bonnie Frostad of Grande Prairie.

“How dare you! How dare you! Are you proud of yourselves?” she adds.

“Do you even give a thought to my 81-year-old mom at home alone with getting that screaming at her?”

Laurie Peterson calls the act “appalling”.

“That system is meant to be used for time sensitive, immediate emergencies where lives are in imminent danger and swift action is imperative,” she writes.

“Not to send out propagandist messages from a government who just told us the exact same thing yesterday.”

Peterson added people expect such notice for natural disasters such as flooding, wildfires, storms, and Amber Alerts for missing children.

“Children who read that message on devices of their TVs were frightened and needed to be soothed,” she writes.

Ken Hiller simply asks why.

“The mortality rate has not changed. There was no spike in deaths. The hospitals are always busy.

“And when the dust settles there will be far more deaths caused by ‘the cure’ than the virus ten-fold.”

Kelsie Peterson was also disgusted.

“. . .it was just a regurgitation of everything the government announced yesterday. Pathetic.”

She adds some have chosen to deactivate the alert system.

“Just the one false alarm is enough to cast serious doubt on the real importance of the next emergency.

“For a group [Alberta government] that purports to be protecting lives and livelihoods, I think they need to think this through again. Save the emergency system for emergencies.”

Anita Blais called the action a “blatant misuse of the emergency alert system” and that the government “should be ashamed of itself for utilizing this system in an effort to coerce people to get a vaccine.”

Blais is disabling her alert system and admits the risk of being informed when “real” emergencies occur.

“This emergency alert which was broadcast this evening was an atrocious and gross misuse of this broadcast system,” writes Karine Betts.

“A true pandemic does not need a 24-7 advertising campaign. This is a serious and gross misuse of an alert which should be used in an actual emergency to get peoples’ attention – this ploy does nothing but remind people of the tyrannical government currently in place and their fear- mongering agenda.”

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