Editorial – Enjoy video streaming

Mac Olsen

This is a subject I’ve written about before, but every so often video streaming is worth examining.

First, I’ll put a plug in here about the Smoky River Express’ YouTube channel. I have been posting videos of local events on that channel for the past couple of months and I encourage subscribers to check it frequently, and add us to your playlists.

You will also find the weblinks from our YouTube video postings embedded with the related stories found at smokyriverexpress.com.

With that plug now inserted, I return my attention to video streaming, and if there is one thing I have found amazing is how fast it has grown in the last couple of years.

I encountered a video streaming service for the first time in 2013, although I didn’t have much regard for it at that time. I still considered my satellite service provider the be-all and end-all of video content.

But fast forward to 2016 and I ditched my satellite service provider in favour of a video streaming service for content like sci-fi and action movies, as well as some documentaries. And I never looked back, feeling that I am getting far more value from the latter than I did the former.

There is something, indeed, to this ‘cutting the cord’ as it is called.

And because I recently upgraded my router, game console and TV to Ultra-High Definition (UHD or 4K) capability, I have found video streaming to be an even better value.

Having said that, it’s time to delve into the video streaming services. ‘Netflix’ and ‘Amazon Prime Video’ are two of the streaming services that come to mind. Both providers offer their own original programming/content and they plan to expand them.

Their success brings competition, of course, and Apple TV, Hulu and others are looking for a piece of the action. Even Disney is planning to launch its video streaming business, sometime in 2019.

But there are also politics in the video streaming business. Disney, which owns the Marvel Cinematic Universe and ‘Star Wars’ franchises, plans to cease its distribution of these entertainment cash cows with ‘Netflix’.

If you read the stories on ‘Flipboard’, Disney recently tried to pull out its agreement with ‘Netflix’ for the distrubution rights to stream them. However, ‘Netflix’ has been adamant to retain them until their agreement expires.

Certainly, both companies appreciate the value of franchises like these.

Whatever your tastes and dislikes, all the streaming services offer a myriad of programming – from children’s content, to the talk shows, to sci-fi and end-of-the-world stories.

For me, the content to avoid is anything that has a left-wing agenda or is “progressive.” I do this with news organizations like the taxpayer-funded CBC, and it’s only right to be on guard for it with video streaming services.

For instance, I would never watch ‘High Times Television’, with its pro-marijuana agenda, and I strongly suggest parents factor this into the content restrictions of their children’s online activities.

Left-wing and ‘progressive’ content aside, these and other video streaming services are certainly the wave of the future and should be embraced with enthusiasm.


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