Ecole Providence sees public speaking as vital to students’ success

Tom Henihan
Express Staff
It is a serious error for schools to neglect the value of public speaking and effective oral communication.

It is crucial to success and often integral to making a full contribution in the community and one’s career.

Good public speaking can be as decisive as being able to read and write, and should be promoted and encouraged to the same degree.

Whether it is a Grade 3 classroom or a corporate boardroom, the ability to speak clearly and maintain self-possession in public is always a valuable attribute.

Recognizing the value of good communications and self-confidence, Ecole Providence has incorporated public speaking in to the process of improving students’ ability to read.

“We want to improve the kids’ literacy scores, nurture their Faith development, while at the same time giving them the confidence to speak in front of a crowd,” says Ecole Providence Principal, Krista Veitch.

Every morning, two students are chosen to lead the assembly, read the days scripture, make any necessary announcements and lead in the “Our Father.”

Assembly has a set format that all the kids know. The announcements and scripture reading however, are new each day. The students who are selected to read don’t have time to practice, so they have to jump right in and read loud enough for everyone to hear.

“That may sound daunting but all the students want to be picked for this job,” says Veitch.

“As every kid gets a turn, no one balks at the idea of leading in assembly. They also understand that everyone makes mistakes, they encourage one another and that goes a long way in disarming any anxiety.”

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