Ecole Heritage holds Easter service

from left, are Deacon Reg Bouchard, Nadia Lavoie, Gabriel Fillion, and Zoe Roy. They narrated Jesus Christ’s crucifixion.

Mac Olsen
Express Staff
Teachers and students at Ecole Heritage observed Easter on April 13.

The event was held in the gym, with dimmed lights.

Deacon Reg Bouchard and three students narrated the story about Christ’s crucifixion and his rising from the dead. A multimedia presentation, in French, was part of the service as well.

At certain intervals, students walked in with various items symbolic to the crucifixion. They were placed next to the readers or on the wall the behind them. This included three crosses signifying Christ and the two others who died on Easter Sunday, over two thousand years ago.

The service ended with a tomb being opened and lit, symbolizing Christ rising from the dead.

Karen Lambert, one of the organizers, says says it’s important that children understand the meaning of Easter.

left-right, are Mila Roy and Ella St. Arnaud. They were among several students to present symbolic items about the crucifixion.

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