Ecole Heritage end of the year assembly

Pictured above is the ‘French Toast’ band performing. From left are Nadia Sylvain, Maxime Maisonneuve, Blake Lambert and Joel Lavoie. Not shown is Eric Lavoie.

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

Ecole Heritage held their final assembly of the 2017/18 school year in the afternoon of June 27, and there was poetry reading and music to fill the gym.

Principal Nicole Walisser highlighted the activities of the last year, such as the students’ athletics, and she also recognized staff for their contributions.

Students in Chantal Roy’s Grade 4 class read poems throughout the assembly, which highlighted the 30th anniversary of the school.

While performing on his guitar, Joel Lavoie led a group of students, who comprised ‘Arc-en-ciel’, in one of the opening songs.

Lavoie also led members of the ‘French Toast’ band, who performed several songs. Then the girls’ band ‘Etincelles’ performed for the assembly.

Both bands performed at the French culture event in the Centre Chevaliers on June 15, which was part of the Honey Festival in Falher that weekend.

When Walisser spoke again, she provided some tall tales about the six graduates who are moving on (see the Ecole Heritage gradation story in the June 13 edition of the Express). Then she offered each graduate a duffel bag as a going away gift, and each graduate also received a CSNO travel towel. Then the younger students ran up and gave hugs to each of the graduates.

The assembly ended with a multimedia presentation, which highlighted many of the activities held throughout the school year.

The 2018/19 school year will start on Sept. 4. Look for coverage of all school openings beginning in late August, including for new teachers and support staff.

Pictured above, left-right, are Joel Lavoie, Laurence Soucy, Sarah Marinier, William Fournier, Mieka Drapeau, Roxane Simard and Brielle Maisonneuve, who comprise ‘Arc-en-ciel’ and performed early in the assembly.
Pictured above is the ‘Enticelles’ band performing for the assembly. Left-right are Alexanne Fillion, Joel Lavoie, Meera Sylvain, Brooke Lambert, Isabelle Nicolet-Thibault, Mia Maisonneuve and Danika Aubin. The ‘Enticelles’ and ‘French Toast’ also performed at the Centre Chevaliers on June 15.


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