Donnelly’s Park Regalo gains momentum with installation of new pumptrack

Tom Henihan
Express Staff
A new, exciting feature is now up and running at Park Regalo in Donnelly with the recent installation of a pumptrack.

“With the help and support of the Village of Donnelly and Public Works’ Derrick Gravel, we are thrilled to introduce a pumptrack system to Park Regalo in Donnelly that was installed by Canadian Ramp Company on April 25,” says Pauline Therriault president of Donnelly Recreation Society.

Donnelly Recreation Society opened Park Regalo in 2010 and over time, the society accrued resources through fundraiser events at the park and with a donation from Richardson Pioneer of $10,000 to continue developing the park and enhance the community.

The recreation society recently received a $40,000 “Community Facility Enhancement Program” (CFEP) matching grant and the pumptrack is the first of a number of new features planned for the park such as fitness equipment and equipment for toddlers.

A pumptrack is a structure with an undulating surface that uses an up and down motion to propel a bicycle forward without pedaling.

It is ideal for helping kids maintain balance while improving their confidence when riding a bike.

The structure can be used by people of all ages and is suitable for bikes, rollerblades, scooters and skateboards.

The pumptrack is also a fun, positive way of bringing small children, teenagers, parents and the entire community together and people from other communities in the region are welcome to avail of the facility.

While additional signage will be installed soon as to the safest and most responsible way to use the pumptrack, in the interim it is important to know that wearing a helmet is mandatory and other safety equipment such as kneepads are also recommended.

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