Donnelly welcomes Ferris as new CAO

Richard Froese
South Peace News

The Village of Donnelly welcomes Matthew Ferris as it new CAO.

“I’ve had a career of working with rural municipal governments and I thought I could bring added value to the community,” say Ferris who started July 27.

He was appointed by council July 24 as a contract CAO, Mayor Myrna Lanctot says in an e-mail.

“Council chose to go a different route, thinking outside the box to obtain a CAO with experience and the expertise needed and at the same time being mindful of the village’s budget and reducing our costs,’ Lanctot says.

Ferris currently serves as the contract CAO of the Summer Village of Sunset Point and for Lac Ste. Anne County as the planning and development officer.

He has been working in government administration or other lead roles since 2009.

“I bring a diverse background and experience to Donnelly,” Ferris says.

“My existing positions allow me to provide experience, training and education opportunities to the village that a small rural community typically couldn’t afford within their tight resource-limited budget.

“This will ultimately be used to increase efficiencies and the level of service for the community.”

Ferris says he is working remotely almost every day.

“I will have designated office hours monthly where people can meet with me in person if required,” Ferris says.

Dates and times are still being determined.

“I bring a diverse background and experience to Donnelly,’ Ferris says.

He worked as a municipal advisor for the Government of Nunavut.

Prior to that, he was a data analyst for the County of Oxford after he served as a licensed water technician.

He is a licensed professional planner, environmental professional and a registered right- of-way agent. Ferris is currently completing his project management certification.

He has extensive experience preparing budgets, utility and land-use bylaws, policies and grant applications.

Ferris succeeds Rita Maure who resigned to work for the Town of High Prairie as director of corporate services starting July 6.

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