Village of Donnelly June 19 and 28, 2017 meetings summary

CAO Rita Maure
Village of Donnelly

Delegate Kathie Harop and Toni Petteplace of ATCO Electric made two presentations, one on Invested versus Non-vested street lights and the other on LED lights.

Smoky River Regional Economic Development
Council has decided to give notice to the other parties that they will terminate the contract with Smoky River Regional Economic Development.

Compass Assessment Contract Extension
Council has accepted to sign the one-year extension with Compass Assessment contingent that two sections of the contract be amended.

Appointment of Weed Inspectors
Council appointed Normand Boulet, Raymond Rey, David Skinner Phillippe Fournier and Svitlana Ksendzuk as inspectors under Section 7 of the Weed Control Act and Section 10 of the Agricultural Pests Act for 2017.

Appointment of Members to Appeal Committee
Council appointed Fern Doucet, Denis Pele, Andre Lussier, Darcy Tokarz and Lucien Houle to the Appeal Committee under Section 19 (1) of the Weed Control Act and under Section 14 (5) of the Agricultural Pests Act.

Guy Donnelly Sportex Society Request
Council moved to contribute a further $17,725 to the Guy Donnelly Sportex compressor replacement project using MSI Capital funds.

Request for Extra Garbage Carts
Council at this time has received the information that the Smoky River Regional Waste Commission were not in favour of providing extra carts. As council purchases the services from the Smoky River Regional Waste Commission, no further action can be taken.

Structural Engineer
Council has directed administration to contract a structural engineer for the administration building roof project. Turcotte Construction was awarded the contract for the construction of the new roof.

Strategy Meeting set for June 28 and 29. Meeting was adjourned at 10:30 p.m.

Canada Summer Jobs
Council motioned to hire a summer student under the Canada Summer Job Program.

Demolition Henra’s
Council passed the motion that the demolition project remains to the specifications of the tender.

Meeting was extended past 10:15 p.m.

Loan Guarantee for Sportex Approved Overdraft
The Bylaw #17-01 Loan Guarantee for Sportex Approved Overdraft was given second and third readinds, thereby passed.

Bylaw #17-04 Consolidation of Lots
Bylaw #17-04 Consolidation of Lots was given all three readings and passed.
Due to the time, the remaining items were tabled to special meeting June 28, 2017.

June 28, 2017 meeting
Compass Assessment Contract was approved without the previous amendments requested.

Bylaw #17-03 Regular Collection, Removal and Disposal of Waste, Refuse, Ashes, Recycle Materials and Organic Waste
Council moved to table Bylaw #17-03 at this time.

Employee Benefits and Pension Policy
Council approved the amended policy as presented.

Domestic Animals such as Hens & Rabbits
Council tabled this item pending further information.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:15 p.m.
The Strategic Planning meeting was held on June 29, 2017.

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