Village of Donnelly – January 15, 2018 Meeting Summary

CAO Rita Maure
Village of Donnelly

Council at the regular meeting discussed the following agenda items:

Fire Chief Marcel Maure made a presentation giving statistics on number of calls in 2017, along with photos of calls and practices put on.

West Side Paving Project

Council moved to tender the West Side Paving Project (resurfacing), along with curb and gutter replacement.

John Deere Tractor Sale Tender

Council accepted the tender received for the sale of the 2008 John Deere Tractor with mower and 3-point hitch for the sum of $10,500 plus GST.

Heart River Housing 2018 Requisition

Council received as information the 2018 Heart River Housing requisition for the sum of $4,010 an increase of $393 over last year.

Kidsport in Smoky River

Councillor Olsen, as a volunteer, will attend the first meeting for Kidsport in Smoky River. This is a new organization, he will gather information such as terms of reference and the business plan to bring back to council.

FCM Membership

Council will renew the membership with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and contribute $50.00 to the Legal Defense Fund.

Minister of Infrastructure ICIP Grant

Council approved the application for the Investing In Canada Infrastructure Plan to do shower/washroom renovation at the Guy Donnelly Sportex. Further discussion is required with the Guy Donnelly Sportex Committee.

ACP Grant for the ICF & IDP and MDP

Council supports the application for the Alberta Community Partnership Grant to be used to develop the Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework, the Intermunicipal Development Plan with the 5 Municipalities in the Smoky River Region and the Municipal Development Plan for 3 municipalities. Council agrees to designate the Village of Girouxville as the managing partner.

The 3 plans (ICF, IDP, and MDP) are mandated as part of the new revised Municipal Government Act.

Next regular meeting will be held on Monday February 12th, 2018 as the third Monday falls on Family Day.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:32 p.m.


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