Village of Donnelly February 12th, 2018 Council Meeting Summary

CAO Rita Maure
Village of Donnelly

Audited Financial Statement
Council was presented their annual audited financial statement by Jean Sylvain, of Sylvain and Company. Council approved the audited financial statement as presented. Copies of the AFS will be available shortly for the public.
Council also appointed Sylvain and Company as their auditor for the 2018 fiscal year.

Municipal Leaders’ Caucus
Council has approved the Mayor to attend the Municipal Leaders’ Caucus March 14 and 15th, 2018 in Edmonton.

Police Funding Model
Council will send a letter to our MLA, Margaret McCuaig-Boyd stating that we support the current Police funding model.

ACP – LLUP Grant
Council approved the application to Alberta Community Partnership – Local Land Use Planning to develop our Municipal Development Plan. The grant applied for was $20,000 with the Village cost of $1,000 for Public Consultation. The Municipal Development Plan is a legislated requirement of the new Municipal Government Act.

Office Safety Renovation
Council has approved that a ½ door (gate) to be installed in the administration office. This is approved with safety in mind.

Emergency Response Plan
A revised Emergency Response Plan, previously known as Municipal Emergency Plan, was approved. Thank you goes out to our Fire Chief, Marcel Maure, for his hard work on this project.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:26 pm.


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