Village of Donnelly Council – November 20, 2017 Summary

CAO Rita Maure
Village of Donnelly

Meeting was called to order at 7:17 pm.

SR Regional Economic Development

Delegates from the Smoky River Regional Economic Development made a presentation. Council passed the resolution to support the Smoky River Regional Economic Development in 2018.

Sink Hole

Council approved the contract with Nykal Enterprises Ltd for the sum of $51,050.00. Project to install a manhole to connect the existing storm sewer pipe, and replace the old culvert with a new smaller 525 mm pipe. The project will be paid by Federal Gas Tax monies.

MAMP grant application to FCM

Council reviewed the Federation of Canadian Municipalities grant application for Municipal Asset Management Program and revised the allocation of funds to sections of the project.

Donnelly Recreation Society Park Rigalo Phase II

Council received as information the letter of support to the Donnelly Recreation Society for the ongoing Park Rigalo Phase II project.

Equalized Assessment

Council received as information the 2018 equalized assessment received from the Provincial Government.

Smoky River Regional Physician Recruitment Budget

Mayor Lanctot declared pecuniary interest and left the room at 8:49 pm. Council approved the 2018 Smoky River Regional Physician Recruitment Coordinator budget without the use of a reserve.

Mayor Lanctot returned at 9:08 and resumed to chair the meeting.

Regional Assessment Review Board Agreement

Council approved the revised agreement for the Regional Assessment Review Board.

ALARIE Settlement

The funds received from the settlement because of the termination of the Alberta Local Authorities Reciprocal Insurance Exchange (ALARIE) will be allocated to general revenue in 2017.

ATCO Red Flag Poles was tabled to a strategic planning meeting.

Heart River Housing

The letter from Lindsay Pratt, CAO of Heart River Housing was received as information. Council request information on statistics of vacancies and condition of the Donnelly facilities.

Administration Building Roof and Insulate

This item was tabled to a strategic planning meeting.

Public claim: Conflict of Interest for journalist

Council directed the CAO to verify with Municipal Affairs to confirm that there is no conflict of interest under the Local Authorities Election Act and the Municipal Government Act.

Meeting was extended past 10 pm.


Council received as information the email from Pelmorex Weather Networks in regards to the CRTC reviewing the broadcasting license of the Weather Network.

Council at this time tabled the remaining items to be completed at a special meeting to be held on December 6th,, 2017.

Council also set a date for the Strategic Planning session on December 20, 2017. Next regular meeting will be Monday December 18th, 2017.

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