Donations help “tremendously”

Richard Froese
South Peace News

The spirit of giving is alive to help keep shelves full at the High Prairie and District Food Bank.
“We’re thankful for organizations and individuals who have stepped up and donated to the food bank,” co-ordinator Kim Dumont says.
“We have seen an increase in food and monetary donations in the last couple of months.”
She says that the number of applications and hampers has also increased in the last two months.
“So donations have helped us tremendously,” she says.
While the food bank does not pack and distribute Christmas hampers, the food is appreciated by those who receive hampers throughout the year.
“Each month, about 30 per cent of our clients are new,” Dumont says.
Christmas Angels food hampers are distributed by Big Lakes County Family and Community Support Services [FCSS].
Food vouchers are also included in Christmas packages distributed by Santa’s Little Helpers program of the High Prairie and District Children’s Resource Council.
The High Prairie Fire Department also held its annual Christmas food drive on Dec. 12 at grocery stores and donated the food to the food bank, Dumont says.
Food donations are also welcome in donation boxes in High Prairie grocery stores.
In the past eight years, the food bank has also received a major cheque from the Town of High Prairie around Christmas. Last year, the food bank received a cheque of $3,723.23.
The amount is the rental fee from David Zabolotniuk for leasing town-owned land in the west industrial area.
For more information, or to donate, please phone the food bank at [780] 523-5777.

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