Division-wide student council initiated for HPSD

High Prairie School Division formed a division-wide school council. Left-right, are Austin McLaughlin, Teegan Samms, Constance Cardinal, Shayla Gray, Brendyn Limoges, Liam Bilyk, Emily Okemow, Brianna Ross, Erin Burger, Erica Glanville, Sarah Carrell, Annika Gelech, Sierra Delaney, Madison Cooper, Brayley Emter and Guile Sibal. Missing in the photo are Daysha Tokarz and Kennedy Turcotte.

Richard Froese

High Prairie School Division has formed a division-wide school council that met for the first time Dec. 18, says a HPSD news release.

“The goal of the council is to present recommendations to school and district leaders and to increase student engagement,” says Tammy Henkel, who chairs the board.

“Both will address the provincial strategy to ensure every student finishes high school.”

The division selected 16 students in Grades 6-12 representing schools across the division, recruited through recommendations by school staff members.

Students met to strategize ways to recruit new members, identify strengths and room for growth, and plan next steps.

“Students discussed current issues and trends they have identified at their respective schools; many of them came prepared with notes and supporting information from other students, Henkel says.

“They participated in several group activities to identify things that could be changed or improved at their schools and what things are being done presently.”

The council will meet several more times during the school year, in the winter and spring, where students will formalize recommendations and plan future meetings.

    HPSD Student council:

High Prairie:

-E.W. Pratt – Madison Cooper and Emily Okemow.

-High Prairie Elementary – Liam Bilyk and Shayla Gray.

-Prairie River Junior High – Brayley Emter and Erica Glanville.

-Prairie View Outreach – Constance Cardinal.

-Joussard – Teegan Samms.

-Kinuso – Erin Burger and Austin McLaughlin.

Slave Lake:

-Roland Michener Secondary – Sarah Carrell and Sierra Delaney.

-E.G. Wahlstrom – Annika Gelech and Guile Sibal.

-Lakeside Outreach – Benjamin Atkinson.

West End:

-Ecole Routhier (Falher) – Brianna Ross and Daysha Tokarz.

-G.P. Vanier (Donnelly) – Brendyn Limoges and Kennedy Turcotte.

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