Seven-year-old DaniSpikes to give talk on the checks and balances of safe bike riding at McLennan Library

Cycling enthusiast and road safety advocate Dani Paterson who also goes by the name DaniSpikes, will give a presentation at McLennan Library on June 14.

Tom Henihan
Express Staff
Young entrepreneur, cycling enthusiast and road safety advocate Dani Paterson will give a presentation at McLennan Municipal Library on June 14.

Seven-year-old Dani’s passion for cycling and her love of bikes goes back to when she received her first bicycle and mastered riding her pedal bike without training wheels just prior to her third birthday.

Dani also showed her entrepreneurial leanings early, when at the age of three she began collecting lost golf balls close to a nearby golf course, then washing the balls and selling them to friends and family.

Dani eventually quit selling golf balls and decided to use her skills selling bikes, a business that involved her love of cycling and that she now runs under the moniker DaniSpikes.

The event at the McLennan Library is not Dani’s first foray into public speaking or offering valuable information regarding bike safety, as she gave a similar presentation to a Brownies group when she lived in Langley, BC.

At the McLennan Library, Dani will give a Power Point presentation, offer demos and speak to her peers and those younger and a little older about learning the rules of the road and general bike safety.

She will talk about how to handle obstacles such as riding on gravel and developing awareness of things like passing driveways and coming up to a highway.

She will also talk not just about wearing a helmet but the importance of wearing a helmet that fits properly.

The primary focus of Dani’s talk will deal with balance bikes that pretty much any child old enough to walk can ride, learn the fundamentals of bike riding, maintaining balance and staying aware of their surroundings while having fun.

Refreshments will be served at the presentation, which runs from 4.15 to 5.15 pm.

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