Dan Williams, United Conservative Party candidate

Dan Williams
Susan Thompson
Express Staff

Dan Williams is the United Conservative Party (UCP) candidate for the Peace River constituency.

Williams began his political career working for UCP party leader Jason Kenney in Ottawa while Kenney was a federal minister.

He was one of a select group of Ottawa staffers who accompanied Kenney back to Alberta to unite the Wild Rose and Progressive Conservative parties, working as Kenney’s executive assistant through the party merger.

Williams moved to La Crete in early 2018, where he lives with his wife Maureen, a teacher.

At the recent all candidate’s forums he has highlighted his family’s ties to the region.

His family owned a hotel in Berwyn at one time and both his parents were also teachers.

Williams currently works for Knelsen Sand and Gravel in La Crete.

Williams prevailed over MacKenzie County Deputy Reeve Lisa Wardley to win the UCP nomination after several other prominent local potential candidates including Shelly Shannon and Kelly Bunn withdrew.

“I believe the biggest thing that this election is about, the question I am asking everyone here today, is do you feel you like you are personally better off than you were four years ago?” Williams said at the Grimshaw forum.

“My answer is no. My suspicion is that most average Albertans feel as though we’ve gone away from prosperity, we’ve gone away from gaining that Alberta advantage that my grandparents moved up to the Peace Country for.”

Getting multiple pipelines built and removing the carbon tax are a top priority issues for Williams and the UCP. Williams has also stated a firm public commitment that the UCP will not introduce any new taxes at all.

“In the end I believe to be a charitable society we have to be prosperous. It’s essential,” Williams says.

“I want to have all the infrastructure we need, I want to hire all the teachers we need so we can have the world class education system we deserve. I want to make sure our roads are paved, our bridges are built and our hospitals are staffed. But we all understand in Alberta what gave us that Alberta advantage what gave us those world class facilities was because we were prosperous, and we’re going in the opposite direction.”


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