Catholic Women’s League in McLennan presents Pauline Gervais with her 60-year membership pin

Members of the Catholic Women’s League gathered for a CWL meeting at McLennan’s Golden Age Club on May 22.

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

The McLennan Catholic Women’s League (CWL) held a special meeting at the McLennan Golden Age Club on May 22.

At that meeting, commemorative CWL pins marking the years of participation were presented to a few of its members, some in the forty and fifty year range.

Most notably, Pauline Gervais, who will celebrate her ninetieth birthday on June 7, received her 60-year pin from CWL Ground-McLennan diocesan president Irene Brassard.

To celebrate the occasion, G.P. Vanier graduating student Madeleine Jordan gave a short recital on the flute.

The Catholic Women’s League of Canada, established as a national organization in 1920, is officially recognized by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops as a lay association and is affiliated with the World Union of Catholic Women’s Organizations.

The Catholic Women’s League’s mission is to promote the teachings of the Catholic Church, protect the sanctity of life and to acknowledge the human dignity of all people. It also works to advance the role of women in church society, to further Christen education and values such as social justice and peace.

The McLennan Catholic Women’s League is always happy to welcome new members.

For enquiries about becoming a CWL member, contact McLennan CWL president, Monica Bisley at 780-324-3798.

From left: Pauline Gervais receiving her 60-year Catholic Women’s League membership pin from CWL Ground-McLennan diocesan president Irene Brassard, May 22.


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