Crime Stoppers gets government help

Crime Stoppers has existed in Alberta since 1982, but not once has the program received money from the Alberta government.
It is about to change; however, after the government announced May 25 it is providing $850,000 over three years for front-line crime prevention for Crime Stoppers.
Crime Stoppers will use the money to continue its crime prevention efforts and create an independent, province-wide crime prevention task force. The investment is being endorsed by rural and urban police chiefs and will help fight crime across the province at a community level.
In 2020, Crime Stoppers received 18,000 tips that led to 400 arrests, 1,724 charges laid and the recovery and seizure of $4.3 million cash, drugs and stolen property.
“For the past 40 years, Crime Stoppers has played an integral role assisting law enforcement in solving and preventing crime,” says Mark Holik, provincial director, Alberta Crime Stoppers.
Canada’s first Crime Stoppers was founded in Calgary in 1982. Alberta Crime Stoppers has four chapters: Southern Alberta, Calgary, Central Alberta, and Edmonton and Northern Alberta.

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