Crane collapses on Peace River Bridge

The crane collapse on the Peace River Bridge Jan. 28 was captured by Mark Simpson, who supplied the photo for South Peace News.

Susan Thompson
South Peace News

A crane has collapsed on the new Peace River bridge construction site.
The collapse happened Jan. 27, the same day bridge manager Tyler Wilson presented an update on bridge construction to the Peace River Rotary Club.
Town residents immediately took to social media to share photos of the collapsed crane.
“Our first and primary concern is that we hope that all the workers, and any potential bystanders, are all safe and sound. We won’t be commenting any further until after OH&S has completed their investigation on the accident,” says Peace River Mayor Tom Tarpey.
Alberta Transportation has confirmed no one was injured.
A cable supporting the arm of a lattice boom crane broke which caused the boom, or arm, of the crane to fall on newly installed girders on the bridge.
A full investigation is now underway to determine what caused the cable to break, and in the meantime, Occupational Health and Safety has given clearance to recover the damaged crane.
Once the crane has been removed, Alberta Transportation will determine if there was any damage to the bridge girders.
According to an article in Cranes Today, some causes of wire rope cable damage can be mechanical wear, metal fatigue, corrosion damage, damage from regular service, or overloading a crane.
The $148 million twinning project was on budget and on schedule.
With the piers and girders in place, the pedestrian walkway was supposed to be added next. Flooding has been proceeding under the bridge to allow equipment to go out on an ice platform to install the pedway.

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