COVID-19 UPDATE – October 5, 2020

As of October 5, Alberta Health has confirmed 700 new cases in Alberta in the last 96 hours. 122=Oct 2, 97=Oct 3, 263=Oct 4, 218=Oct 5.

There are 36 new cases in the North Zone over the last 92 hours.

There has been 0 deaths recorded in the North Zone in the last 92 hours.

1338 cases have recovered in the North Zone which holds at 93% of the cases.


Current Outbreaks in the North Zone

Locations of outbreaks in acute care and continuing care facilities are reported publicly when there are 2 or more cases, indicating that a transmission within the facility has occurred.

Outbreaks at other facilities or in the community are reported publicly when there are 5 or more cases.

Outbreaks are declared over when 4 weeks have passed with no new cases, so not all outbreaks listed below have current transmission happening.

Supportive living/home living sites

  • Heimstaed Seniors Lodge, La Crete
  • Prairie Lakes Senior Facility, Grande Prairie

Other facilities and settings

  • CNRL Albian, Fort Mackay
  • Family gatherings, La Crete
  • Private gathering, Bonnyville
  • Private gathering, Manning
  • Suncor base plant, Fort McMurray
  • Syncrude Mildred Lake site, Fort McMurray
  • Zavisha Sawmills, Hines Creek


COVID-19 school status

K-12 schools across Alberta that have 2 or more confirmed cases of COVID-19 will be identified on the following chart. Parents and staff are notified by letter as soon as a case is identified. The charts may be updated up to 24 hours later.

50 outbreaks have been identified in Alberta in the last 48 hours. An outbreak is when there are 2 or more infectious cases in the school. Dr. Hinshaw reported 52 outbreaks but only 50 were listed on the website.

Definitions for confirmed cases in schools:

Alert (1 case)

  • Parents will be notified by their child’s school as soon as one confirmed case is identified within the school. This is known as an alert. These are not currently included in the map.

Outbreak (2+ cases)

  • An outbreak is declared when there are 2 or more confirmed cases in a school setting within a 14 day period where disease could have been acquired or transmitted in the school. Any school meeting this definition will be reported on the map.

Outbreak over

  • A school outbreak is declared over when there have been no new confirmed cases in a school for 28 days.

There are 6 outbreaks reported in the North Zone.

October 5, 2020

1City Of AirdrieWatchCoopers Crossing School
2City Of CalgaryWatchSt. Wilfrid Elementary School
3City Of CalgaryWatchCanyon Meadows School
4City Of EdmontonWatchArchbishop O’Leary
5City Of EdmontonWatchCentre High
6City Of EdmontonWatchRoss Sheppard High School
7City Of EdmontonWatchVimy Ridge
8City Of EdmontonWatchHighlands School
9City Of EdmontonWatchAustin O’Brien
10City Of EdmontonWatchHarry Ainlay School
11City Of CalgaryOpen (Outbreak, 2-4 cases)Notre Dame High School
12City Of CalgaryOpen (Outbreak, 2-4 cases)Lester B. Pearson High School
13City Of CalgaryOpen (Outbreak, 2-4 cases)Auburn Bay School
14City Of CalgaryOpen (Outbreak, 2-4 cases)Crescent Heights High School
15City Of CalgaryOpen (Outbreak, 2-4 cases)Chris Akkerman School
16City Of CalgaryOpen (Outbreak, 2-4 cases)Clarence Sansom School
17City Of CalgaryOpen (Outbreak, 2-4 cases)Saddle Ridge School
18City Of CalgaryOpen (Outbreak, 2-4 cases)Nelson Mandela High School
19City Of CalgaryOpen (Outbreak, 2-4 cases)Apostles of Jesus
20City Of CalgaryOpen (Outbreak, 2-4 cases)Glenmeadows School
21City Of CalgaryOpen (Outbreak, 2-4 cases)St. Benedict School
22City Of CalgaryOpen (Outbreak, 2-4 cases)Monsignor E. L. Doyle Elementary School
23City Of CalgaryOpen (Outbreak, 2-4 cases)Vista Heights School
24City Of CalgaryOpen (Outbreak, 2-4 cases)Monterey Park School
25City Of CalgaryOpen (Outbreak, 2-4 cases)King George School
26City Of EdmontonOpen (Outbreak, 2-4 cases)Northmount School
27City Of EdmontonOpen (Outbreak, 2-4 cases)Holy Trinity
28City Of EdmontonOpen (Outbreak, 2-4 cases)Parkview School
29City Of EdmontonOpen (Outbreak, 2-4 cases)St. Oscar Romero Catholic High School
30City Of EdmontonOpen (Outbreak, 2-4 cases)Lillian Osborne High School
31City Of EdmontonOpen (Outbreak, 2-4 cases)McNally School
32City Of EdmontonOpen (Outbreak, 2-4 cases)Ecole Pere-Lacombe
33City Of EdmontonOpen (Outbreak, 2-4 cases)Waverley School
34City Of EdmontonOpen (Outbreak, 2-4 cases)Cardinal Collins High School Academic Centre
35City Of EdmontonOpen (Outbreak, 2-4 cases)Millwoods Christian School
36City Of EdmontonOpen (Outbreak, 2-4 cases)H. E. Beriault
37City Of EdmontonOpen (Outbreak, 2-4 cases)Riverbend School
38City Of EdmontonOpen (Outbreak, 2-4 cases)Christ the King School
39City Of EdmontonOpen (Outbreak, 2-4 cases)Oliver School
40City Of EdmontonOpen (Outbreak, 2-4 cases)Kirkness School
41City Of EdmontonOpen (Outbreak, 2-4 cases)St. Matthew
42City Of EdmontonOpen (Outbreak, 2-4 cases)Aldergrove School
43City Of EdmontonOpen (Outbreak, 2-4 cases)Queen Elizabeth School
44City Of EdmontonOpen (Outbreak, 2-4 cases)St. Brendan School
45City Of EdmontonOpen (Outbreak, 2-4 cases)Dr. Donald Massey School
46City Of EdmontonOpen (Outbreak, 2-4 cases)Bishop Savaryn
47City Of EdmontonOpen (Outbreak, 2-4 cases)Louis St. Laurent
48City Of EdmontonOpen (Outbreak, 2-4 cases)J Percy Page School
49City Of EdmontonOpen (Outbreak, 2-4 cases)Archbishop MacDonald
50City Of EdmontonOpen (Outbreak, 2-4 cases)St. Vladimir Elementary School

51City Of EdmontonOpen (Outbreak, 2-4 cases)Soraya Hafez School
52City Of EdmontonOpen (Outbreak, 2-4 cases)AlBaqir Academy
53City Of EdmontonOpen (Outbreak, 2-4 cases)Jasper Place School
54City Of EdmontonOpen (Outbreak, 2-4 cases)Dickinsfield School
55City Of EdmontonOpen (Outbreak, 2-4 cases)St. John Bosco
56City Of EdmontonOpen (Outbreak, 2-4 cases)Thomas More Academy
57City Of St. AlbertOpen (Outbreak, 2-4 cases)Richard S Fowler Catholic Junior High School
58Municipal District Of Peace No. 135Open (Outbreak, 2-4 cases)Springfield Elementary School
59Regional Municipality Of Wood BuffaloOpen (Outbreak, 2-4 cases)St. Gabriel School
60Regional Municipality Of Wood BuffaloOpen (Outbreak, 2-4 cases)Sister Mary Phillps Elementary School
61Regional Municipality Of Wood BuffaloOpen (Outbreak, 2-4 cases)Holy Trinity High School
62Regional Municipality Of Wood BuffaloOpen (Outbreak, 2-4 cases)Elsie Yanik Catholic School
63Regional Municipality Of Wood BuffaloOpen (Outbreak, 2-4 cases)St. Paul’s Elementary School
64Town Of CochraneOpen (Outbreak, 2-4 cases)RancheView School
65Town Of OkotoksOpen (Outbreak, 2-4 cases)Foothills Composite High School

Enhanced – Risk levels require enhanced measures to control the spread at a school or school authority level School(s) may be moved to scenario 2 (in school classes partially operating) or scenario 3 (at-home learning)

Watch – School outbreak declared with 5 or more cases where disease could have been acquired or transmitted in the school Scenario 1 – school is open with near normal operations with some public health measures Province is monitoring risk and working with the school, school authority and Alberta Health Services Additional public health measures may be in place within a school to control the spread

Open – No schools in this area have outbreaks of 5 or more cases.
Scenario 1 – school is open with near normal operations with some public health measures
Parents may have received an alert from their school Alberta Health Services may be working with local schools, but any additional measures are localized and targeted.


Regions are defined by rural municipalities, city boundaries, and urban service areas; smaller regions (i.e. towns, villages, and reserves) are incorporated into the corresponding rural area. Cases without a postal code or incorrect postal codes are not included. Location information missing/invalid for: 87 case(s).

The city of Fort McMurray moves up to a total of 283 cases and drops down to 42 active. This makes them the area in the North Zone with the highest active cases. The city of Fort McMurray, along with the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, is on the WATCH list (above the threshold but no additional measures).

The city of Grand Prairie moves up to a total of 111 cases and to 15 active.

Mackenzie County (Northwest corner of Alberta:High Level, Fort Vermillion, La Crete, Rainbow Lake) moves up to 415 cases and to 14 active cases. Mackenzie County is back on the WATCH list (above the threshold but no additional measures) as of Oct. 5.

Smoky Lake County (Smoky Lake, Vilna, Waskatenau, Bellis, Edwand, Spedden, Warspite, Buffalo Lake Métis Settlement, Kikino Métis Settlement, Anning, Birchland Resort, Bonnie Lake Resort, Cache Lake, Cossack, Downing, Hamlin, Lobstick Settlement, Mons Lake, North Kotzman, Parkview Beach, Sprucefield, Two Lakes, Victoria Settlement (also Fort Victoria), Wahstao, Wasel, Whiteman Beach) moves up to 47 cases and down to 5 active.

The County of Grande Prairie No. 1 (Beaverlodge, Sexsmith, Wembley, Hythe, Bezanson, Clairmont, La Glace, Teepee Creek, Horse Lakes Indian reserve 152B, Kleskun Hill, Lake Saskatoon, Pipestone Creek, Richmond Hill Estates, Sandy Ridge Estates, Valhalla, Webster) moves up to a total of 63 cases and down to 4 active cases.

Lac Ste Anne County (Mayerthorpe, Onoway, Alberta Beach, Sangudo) moves up to 13 cases and 4 active.

Municipal District of Opportunity No. 17 (Calling Lake, Red Earth Creek, Sandy Lake or Pelican Mountain, Wabasca (also known as Wabasca-Desmarais), Calling River, Chipewyan Lake, Peerless Lake, Trout Lake) moves up to a total of 15 cases and down to 4 active.

Municipal District of Lesser Slave River No. 124 (Slave Lake, Canyon Creek, Widewater, Chisholm, Marten Beach, Smith, Wagner, Hondo, Mitsue) moves up to a total of 18 cases and 3 active.

Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (Surrounding Fort McMurray but does not include it, Anzac, Conklin, Fort Chipewyan, Fort McKay, Draper, Mariana Lake) holds with a total of 67 cases and 3 active. The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo, along with the city of Fort McMurray, are on the WATCH list (above the threshold but no additional measures).

Clear Hills County (Hines Creek, Cleardale, Worsley) holds with a total of 89 cases and 2 active.

The Municipal District of Peace NO. 135 (Peace River, Grimshaw, Berwyn, Brownvale) did move up to 27 cases on October 2, but 1 was removed October 5 bringing the total to 26 cases and moves up to 2 active.

Saddle Hills County (Woking, Bay Tree, Blueberry Mountain, Braeburn, Dunvegan Settlement, Gordondale, Poplar Ridge,Silver Valley, Whitbur) gains a new cases for a total of 2 and 1 active.

Yellowhead County (Edson, Hinton, Marlboro, Evansburg, Niton Junction, Wildwood) has it’s first new case since before June bringing the total to 3 and 1 active.

County of St. Paul No. 19 (Elk Point, St. Paul, Horseshoe Bay, Ashmont, Heinsburg, Lottie Lake, St. Edouard, St. Vincent, Abilene, Angle Lake, Bayview Beach, Boyne Lake, Clarksville, Ferguson Flats, Frog Lake, Glen On The Lake, Lac Canard, McLeod Beach, Northern Valley, Owlseye Lake, Primrose, St. Paul Beach, Sunset Beach) moves up to a total of 11 cases and 1 active.

The County Of Northern Lights (Manning, Deadwood, Paddle Prairie Metis Settlement, Chinook Valley, Clear Hills, Hotchkiss, Keg River, Weberville, Carcajou,Twin Lakes) holds with a total of 55 cases and 1 active.

The Municipal District of Greenview NO. 16 (Fox Creek, Valleyview, Little Smoky, Debolt, Ridgevalley, Crooked Creek, Sunset House) holds with a total of 16 cases and 1 active case.

The Municipal District of Bonnyville NO. 87 (Bonnyville, Cherry Grove, Fort Kent, Iron River, La Corey, Therien, Elizabeth Metis Settlement, Fishing Lake Metis Settlement, Indian reserve:Cold Lake 149) holds with a total of 18 cases but a recovered case is reported active, again.

The city of Cold Lake holds with a total of 8 cases and 1 active.

Out of 38 municipalities that comprise the North Zone there are no active cases in 20 municipalities.

There are 18,935 reported cases in Alberta, and 280 deaths in Alberta (129 in Calgary Zone, 83 in Edmonton zone, 35 in North Zone, 26 in the South Zone, 7 in the Central Zone). Of the 18,935 cases, 62 are in the hospital and 14 are in ICU (Intensive Care). 16,872 cases have recovered, which drops down to 90% of the cases in Alberta.

There are 1,783 active cases in Alberta. Edmonton:982, Calgary:624, North:105, South:47, Central:22, Unknown:3.

There have been 11 deaths recorded for Alberta in the last 92 hours. 4 in the Calgary Zone, 1 from the South one, and 6 in the Edmonton Zone.


Canada has 168,960 confirmed cases. There have been 9,504 deaths recorded.
There have been 142,334 recovered cases in Canada and drops to 89% of the national population of cases.

The USA has 7,396,730 confirmed cases. There are 209,199 deaths recorded and 2,911,789 recovered cases, which holds at 41%.

There are 35,341,621 cases worldwide. A total of 1,039,171 deaths recorded worldwide. There are 24,571,768 cases recovered globally, which holds at 72%.

The top 5 highest ranked country of reported cases are (From highest to lowest): USA, India (6,623,815), Brazil (4,915,289), Russia (1,219,796), and Colombia (855,052). No other country has reached the 855,000 mark. Canada holds at 26th.

The highest death toll, after the US, Brazil (146,352), India (102,685), Mexico (79,088), United Kingdom (42,459). No other country has reached the 42,000 mark. Canada holds at 20th.

The top 5 highest countries in the world with recovered cases, from highest to lowest: India (5,586,703), Brazil (4,375,354), US (2,911,789), Russia (978,610), Colombia (761,674). All other countries are below 760,000 recovered cases.

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COVID-19 Update – October 5, 2020

Dr. Hinshaw reports on serology testing.

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