COVID-19 UPDATE – November 6, 2020

As of November 6, Alberta Health still has a technical glitch so updated COVID numbers will not be available today. It was reported that there were 802 new cases on November 4th, and 609 on November 5th.

North Zone breakdowns are not available.

171 are in the hospital and 33 are in ICU (Intensive Care).

There have been 9 deaths recorded for Alberta in the last 48 hours bringing the total to 352.

There are currently 6,822 active cases in Alberta and 24,684 that have recovered.

  • All zones across the province have cases:
    • Calgary Zone: 2,886 active cases and 10,966 recovered
    • South Zone: 398 active cases and 2,216 recovered
    • Edmonton Zone: 2,819 active cases and 8,713 recovered
    • North Zone: 431 active cases and 1,821 recovered
    • Central Zone: 255 active cases and 914 recovered
    • 33 active cases and 54 recovered cases are unknown

There are changes to the daily symptom checklist for children under 18. These took effect on Monday, November 2, 2020.

Premier Jason Kenney announced that new Health Measure are to take effect.

-For Edmonton and Calgary it is strongly recommended that there be no social gatherings in the home aside from your family cohort.

-For all communities on the WATCH list, there is a mandatory 15 person limit for all gatherings and to limit your cohorts to three or less.

-All Albertans are encouraged to wear a mask in all work settings if safe distancing can not be maintained.

COVID Reporting by AHS will return to a daily report.

Reports used to be done on a daily basis but were first reduced to just the weekday and then down to twice a week. A rise in numbers has urged AHS to now being daily reporting until numbers see a significant decrease. This is also part of the solution to remain transparent as their date system experiences a problem. Teams are working on resolving the data pipeline issue that allows their information to be shared online. With 800 staff doing Contact Tracing for AHS, they will now hire 380 additional staff in order to speed up the process of contact tracing. Albertans are urged to download the contact tracing app ABTraceTogether to assist with the contact tracing. This app is currently the only app in Canada that does contact tracing. Premier Jason Kenney said Alberta will not be adopting the federal app because it does not tie into our contact tracing and is therefore ineffective for the needs of Albertans.


Provincial breakdowns were not available at time of posting.

Canada has 255,809 confirmed cases. There have been 10,435 deaths recorded.
There have been 210,427 recovered cases in Canada and holds at 86% of the national population of cases.

The USA has 9,581,770 confirmed cases. There are 234,264 deaths recorded and 3,781,751 recovered cases, which drops to 40%.

There are 49,169,630 cases worldwide. There are a total of 1,240,344 deaths recorded worldwide. There are 32,354,851 cases recovered globally, which holds at 68%.

The top 5 highest ranked country of reported cases are (From highest to lowest): USA, India (8,411,724), Brazil (5,612,319), Russia (1,720,063), and France (1,709,475). No other country has reached the 1,700,000 mark. Canada holds at 31st.

The highest death toll, after the US, Brazil (161,736), India (124,985), Mexico (93,722), United Kingdom (48,565). No other country has reached the 48,000 mark. Canada holds at 22nd.

The top 5 highest countries in the world with recovered cases, from highest to lowest: India (7,765,966), Brazil (5,102,762), US (3,781,751), Russia (1,288,096), Argentina (1,030,137). All other countries are below 1,030,000 recovered cases.

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For a list of resources for Albertans during the COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis click here.

November 6, 2020 update by Dr. Deena Hinshaw, Alberta’s chief medical officer of health: Technical glitch means no new numbers today, again. Premier Jason Kenney announces new Health Measures for Albertans.

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