COVID-19 UPDATE – April 29, 2021

As of April 29, 2021 Alberta Health confirmed 2,048 new cases since April 28.

There are 334 new cases in the North Zone since April 28.

There has been 0 deaths recorded in the North Zone since April 28.

16,673 cases have recovered in the North Zone.

Tighter Restrictions; Surgeries cancelled

Premier Jason Kenney announced today, along with Minister of Health, Tyler Shandro, that hospitals will be cancelling all non-essential surgeries to provide beds for the surge of hospitalizations occurring from COVID-19 infections.

Kenney also announced that starting Friday, April 30, further restrictions in areas with 350 cases per 100,000 people and 250 active cases will be implemented. These restrictions will remain in place for 2 weeks, or until the region falls back below the case threshold – whichever is longer.

Schools in these areas will be going online for at-home learning, extra-curricular activities will be put on hold, indoor fitness and sports will be cancelled, and restaurants will be need to be more stringent in enforcing COVID-19 protocols such as making sure the people at the table are from the same household or their two single persons that are part of their cohort.

Currently these “hot spots” include: Fort McMurray, Red Deer, Grande Prairie, Calgary, Airdrie, Strathcona County, Lethbridge, and Edmonton. See for a full list of public health measures and new restrictions. You can also track which region is affected.

Vaccination Rollout Continues

Minister of Health, Tyler Shandro, announced that Phase 2D of vaccinations will begin on April 30.

Albertans who are 50 years of age or older or First Nation, Metis or Inuit who are 35 and older are eligible for a vaccine. The list has also opened up to many frontline workers such as remand centre police and firefighters and for parents of children under 12 with chronic conditions. A full list can be found at starting May 30.


Variant Cases in Alberta

Variants of concern COVID-19 cases identified in Alberta and by Zone

ZoneB.1.1.7 UK VariantB.1.351 South African VariantB.1.617 India VariantP.1 Brazilian VariantTotal
Calgary Zone12,41254044412,910
Central Zone3,41010343,445
Edmonton Zone7,9222212428,187
North Zone3,156001243,280
South Zone1,37500411,416
NOTE: People are identified as COVID-19 cases prior to variant of concern identification. As such, variant of concern reporting is delayed compared to date the case was reported to Alberta Health. All cases were screened for variants of concern starting at the beginning of February, 2021.
  • 21,385 active cases in Alberta
    • 13,460 active cases (62.9% of total) have been identified as variants of concern.
  • 29,250 variants of concern identified
    • 13,460 active
    • 15,708 recovered
    • 82 died
  • 54,634 specimens screened

Variants of concern COVID-19 cases identified who are active, recovered, or died in Alberta and by Zone

Calgary Zone5,789197,10212,910
Central Zone1,63771,8013,445
Edmonton Zone3,818474,3228,187
North Zone1,62841,6483,280
South Zone57758341,416


School status classification

Updated reporting took effect January 18, 2021 on the School Status Map.

April 29, 2021

There are 26 OUTBREAKS (10+) for the North Zone.

There are 22 OUTBREAKS (5-9 cases) for the North Zone.

There are 37 ALERTS (2-4 cases) for the North Zone.


There are 188,727 reported cases in Alberta, and 2,075 deaths in Alberta (1039 in Edmonton zone, 629 in Calgary Zone, 156 in North Zone, 133 in Central Zone, 118 in South Zone). Of the active cases, 632 are in the hospital including 151 in ICU (Intensive Care). 165,267 cases have recovered. The Positivity Rate is 10.1%.

There are 21,385 active cases in Alberta. Calgary:8,962, Edmonton:5,916, North:2,994, Central:2,395, South:1,064, Unknown:54.

There has been 3 deaths recorded for Alberta since April 28. Of the 3 deaths: 1 in the South Zone, and 2 in the Calgary Zone. 1 death was removed from the Central Zone.


As of April 29, Canada has 1,209,056 confirmed cases. There have been 24,167 deaths recorded. Alberta has the second highest amount of active cases behind Ontario, followed by Quebec (3rd) and British Columbia (4th).

There have been 1,100,983 recovered cases in Canada.

The USA has 33,038,646 confirmed cases. There are 589,167 deaths recorded and 25,638,070 recovered cases. 99,668,945 have received 2 doses of the vaccination.

There are 149,945,664 cases worldwide. There are a total of 3,156,408 deaths recorded worldwide. There are 112,767,379 cases recovered globally.  

The top 5 highest ranked country of reported cases are (From highest to lowest): USA, India (18,376,524), Brazil (14,521,289), France (5,653,524), and Turkey (4,788,700). No other country has reached the 4,750,000 mark. Canada holds at 22nd.

The highest death toll, after the US, Brazil (398,185), Mexico (215,918), India (204,832), and the UK (127,756). No other country has reached the 125,000 mark. Canada holds at 25th.

The top 5 highest countries in the world with recovered cases, from highest to lowest: after the US, India (15,086,878), Brazil (12,887,661), Russia (4,369,214), Turkey (4,255,714). All other countries are below 3,500,000 recovered cases. Canada holds at 19th.


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Live update on April 29 by Premier, Jason Kenney, Tyler Shandro, Minister of Health, and Dr. Deena Hinshaw, Alberta chief medical officer of health.

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