COVID-19 Mini-UPDATE – April 8, 2021

As of April 8, 2021 Alberta Health confirmed 1,429 new cases since April 7.

There are 184 new cases in the North Zone since April 7.

There has been 0 deaths recorded in the North Zone since April 7.

13,417 cases have recovered in the North Zone.


Variant Cases in Alberta

Nearly half of the active cases in Alberta are of the variant strain. Officials predict the variant strain known as B.1.1.7 will be the dominate strain likely by next week.

Variants of concern COVID-19 cases identified in Alberta and by Zone

ZoneB.1.1.7 UK VariantB.1.351 South African VariantP.1 Brazilian VariantTotal
Calgary Zone3,61416133,643
Central Zone93604940
Edmonton Zone2,4671012,478
North Zone72005725
South Zone45400454
NOTE: People are identified as COVID-19 cases prior to variant of concern identification. As such, variant of concern reporting is delayed compared to date the case was reported to Alberta Health. All cases were screened for variants of concern starting at the beginning of February, 2021.
  • 12,187 active cases in Alberta
    • 5,457 active cases (44.8% of total) have been identified as variants of concern.
  • 8,278 variants of concern identified
    • 5,457 active
    • 2,791 recovered
    • 30 died
  • 24,059 specimens screened

Variants of concern COVID-19 cases identified who are active, recovered, or died in Alberta and by Zone

Calgary Zone2,43941,2003,643
Central Zone5332405940
Edmonton Zone1,560248942,478
North Zone6120113725
South Zone2780176454


School status classification

Updated reporting took effect January 18, 2021 on the School Status Map.

April 8, 2021

There are 17 ALERTS for the North Zone.

There are 11 OUTBREAKS (5-9 cases) for the North Zone.

There are 13 OUTBREAKS (10+) for the North Zone.


There are 156,905 reported cases in Alberta, and 2,005 deaths in Alberta (1016 in Edmonton zone, 610 in Calgary Zone, 150 in North Zone, 123 in the Central Zone, 106 in the South Zone). Of the 156,905 cases, 340 are in the hospital including 83 in ICU (Intensive Care). 142,713 cases have recovered. The Positivity Rate is 9.4%.

There are 12,187 active cases in Alberta. Calgary:5,709, Edmonton:2,916, North:1,614, Central:940, South:915, Unknown:93.

There has been 3 deaths recorded for Alberta since April 7. Of the 3 deaths: 1 in the Calgary Zone and 2 in the Edmonton Zone.

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April 8, 2021 live update by Dr. Deena Hinshaw, Alberta chief medical officer of health. Dr. Hinshaw’s next live update is scheduled for April 13.

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