Course to offer sage advice on financial matters

Emily Plihal
Local Journalism
Initiative Reporter

When conversations are held regarding what individuals are struggling with, often times finances or financial planning are identified as primary concerns.
Smoky River Adult Learning has recognized the financial concerns people have, and administration coordinator Leslie Carbone has organized an “Are You Money Smart” course to help address those issues.
The course will be held on Nov. 8 from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. at M.D. of Smoky River Administration Building in Falher. It will cost $10 to attend the course, but if the cost is a barrier there is a subsidy available.
“The course was developed by the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada and the Ontario Securities Commission in collaboration with Ellen Roseman, financial author and journalist,” says Carbone.
“Smoky River Adult Learning is pleased to be delivering the course.”
Topics that will be discussed include budgeting, managing expenses, understanding credit, debt management, savings, investing, and financial planning.
Carbone says everyone is welcome to attend, but registration priority will be given to people over 18 years old. She adds that Adult Learning is hoping to be able to provide the training to youth over 16 in the near future.
“According to a survey conducted by MNP in 2018, less than one in five Canadians believe they have strong financial literacy skills, while nearly two in five rate their knowledge as poor,” she says.
“The goal for our participants is to increase their confidence, heighten their ability to protect themselves, boost their chances of achieving their goals and provide tools to help them with a better quality of life.”
It is hoped there will be 10 people registered for the course to ensure adequate participation.
The presenter will be Laurie Dagenais of Smoky River Adult Learning.
If you would like to attend the course or would like more information, please call Laurie at (780) 837-4064 to register.

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