Coordinated methods for the new school year at Ecole Providence

Krista Veitch

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

In preparation for the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year, workers have been busy putting in new flooring, assembling new furniture and putting on a new roof on Ecole Providence.

And of course, getting the physical school ready for the New Year is only part of the preparations as staff prepare for the return of their students ensuring that both teachers and students start the year on a positive attitude and a clear sense of direction.

Staff returned almost a week ahead of the children to prepare their rooms, write lesson plans and more importantly they spent time collaboratively reviewing and discussing effective methods of achieving student success,” says Principal Krista Veitch who is starting her fifth year as principal at Ecole Providence. “This time has also been spent developing a school culture conducive to student learning and success.”

Veitch also says that staff understands the importance of strong literacy and math skills and the staff-developed goals for the school reflect that understanding.

The goals include continued improvement in literacy skills, a strong number sense and nurturing student confidence.

“These goals are indispensable to being a successful school because without goals there can be no consistency or integrated objectives,” says Veitch.

The school is not planning to undertake any radical departures from its current methods and programs as that tack approach has already produced substantial improvements.

For example, Veitch cites continual improvement in literacy scores with many students reading above grade level.

“Staff continually recognize and celebrate the gifts that each child possess,” says Veitch. “And our teachers know that they must help students recognize their potential in order for the students to feel confident in their abilities to succeed.”

She also says that teachers are continually seeking opportunities to provide students with leadership roles and develop oratory skills.

“Staff expects the best from their students which in turn encourages students to give their best,” she says. “As always, from the start of the new school year, the emphasis on faith is central to school life and all school endeavors from the first ringing of the bell on September 4.”


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