Construction zone safety

For many motorists, warm weather means time to plan summer road trips, but it also means road construction season. Unfortunately, each year in Alberta, dozens of workers and motorists are injured or killed in construction zones.

Before You Enter A Construction Zone

When driving through a construction zone in Alberta, drivers will generally pass through three outer zones designed to create the safest possible conditions before entering the actual construction zone.

Zone One: Is an advanced warning area that tells traffic what to expect ahead.

Zone Two: Is a transition area that typically moves traffic out of its normal path and advises drivers to reduce speed and not pass other vehicles.

Zone Three: Is a buffer area that typically uses traffic cones and barricades that are meant to protect road workers and equipment, just before the work area begins.

Unfortunately, some drivers don’t want to slow down and think it’s not risky to speed through a construction zone.

The fact is, 900 collisions, including some with injuries or fatalities, and millions of dollars in property damages occur every year in road and utility construction zones in Alberta.


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