Conservatives continue to oppose ‘JustinFlation’

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

A proposed tripling of the federal carbon tax is being opposed by the Conservative Party of Canada (CPP), but to no avail.
Peace River – Westlock MP Arnold Viersen joined his colleagues in opposing the hike proposed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
On Sept. 26, the CPP table two motions in Parliament forcing debate to cancel a plan to triple the carbon tax and to commit to no new taxes on gas, groceries, home heating and paycheques.
However, the motions were defeated by the NDP/Liberal ruling coalition.
Viersen pulled out a stat from the Fraser Institute citing the average Canadian family now spends more of its income on taxes (43 per cent) than it does on basic necessities such as food, shelter and clothing combined (35.7 per cent).
“The Liberal government and ‘JustinFlation’ are driving up the cost of living and rural Canadians are especially impacted,” says Viersen in a Sept. 29 news release.
“We need to axe the carbon tax and no new taxes. Instead of freezing taxes, Trudeau is raising taxes on people who are struggling to make ends meet.”
Viersen added he received a letter from a constituent telling him in the past year his rent has increased by 50 per cent, fuels costs by 40 per cent, medications by 22 per cent and food costs by 12 per cent.
“I am disappointed that the NDP/Liberal coalition continue to vote against tax relief,” says Viersen.
“I will always stand up for the folks who work hard – the seniors, the oilfield workers, the loggers, the waitresses, the farm families – who just want to keep more of their paycheques to help make ends meet.”

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