Commentary – Calling all the nasty ladies

Katrina Owens
I had an epiphany the other day that I am a downright proud nasty woman. You heard it here first! And I stand with my other nasty gals all over the world, especially those down in the States.

You would think as a journalist I would be thrilled to write about politics and…feminism. There I said it, the big F word that everyone lately seems too scared to say. Usually it doesn’t have much sway in my interests, but since the recent Women’s March that brought together millions of women worldwide. I decided it was time.

So, what’s a nasty woman? And why would I be proud of being such a thing? I’ll tell you why, because a nasty woman is ‘an intelligent female who is adept at putting ignorant men in their place.’ Or according to some, a woman who clearly doesn’t know her place and what she’s talking about.

I can feel the eye rolls already and this is fine. Dare say I, ‘the young lady,’ that a woman putting an ill-informed man in his place is acceptable. It’s only 2017 after all, right?

Back to focusing on the Jan. 21 Women’s March also-known-as the biggest protest against a president’s inauguration in history. Here’s a fun fact, The New York Time says the amount of protestors at the march in Washington (not even counting the rest of the U.S…or world) was roughly three times the size of the audience at President Trump’s inauguration! Now that says something.

Was it pointless? In a sense yes, because I’ve seen better cabinets in IKEA, so one could presume the protest won’t ruffle too many feathers in high levels of government. But, on the other hand, I believe it has started a movement that future female generations will learn about. I have an inkling this era will be titled, the womens-rights-are-human-rights movement or the feminist-killjoy movement maybe even the fight-for-quality movement.

Some may ask why a feminist movement would be even happening.

We can vote, we can leave abusive relationships, we can work, and we have rights, so why are we complaining? Well, when governments and lawmakers (majority being men) are trying to make laws surrounding our bodies and what we do with them – that’s an issue for feminists. When a president who has been accused of being sexually inappropriate with women – that’s an issue for feminists. When a man, who degrades and is so anti-female, is elected into a position of power – that’s an issue for feminists.

Luckily, as a Canadian woman I don’t have to deal with this, but women stand together and I will support my sisters down south from afar.

I don’t know what’s more sickening, the fact that (some) men still think they’re somewhat superior to women, or women themselves thinking feminism is some sort of butch cult. To put it plainly, feminists aren’t trying to make themselves superior to men, in fact they’re just trying to be equals – equal pay, equal opportunities and equal respect.

And ladies, if you aren’t a feminist that’s your choice, but just keep in mind that you wouldn’t even have a choice without pioneer nasty ladies. Remember that next time you go to vote, go to work or leave your husband.

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