Commentary – Are you a FOMO addict?

Jeff Burgar

Mark Zuckerberg, boss of Facebook, connives. He schemes. His entire company is a engine of psychotic destruction, wrecking weak minds.

Sitting before an investigation in Washington, he lied through his teeth after admitting Facebook was broken.

Yes indeed, he admitted it all!

But, he was going to fix it!

Are you one of the brainwashed? Do you live in the icy grip of that mental disease known as FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out? Is it really completely normal to check your phone an average of 27 times per day to keep up on what you think is “the latest?” Are you nuts?

One study followed 5,000 Facebook users over three years. Higher use produced “self-reported declines in physical health, mental health and life satisfaction.”

One symptom is how Facebook users often run others down. Being unhappy with their own lives, they are constantly going after everybody who makes an easy target, all in efforts to make themselves feel better.

Forget constructive criticism. Why is there need to criticize, constantly, at all? Facebook subtly encourages such pettiness in all its users.

This is far beyond the normal hits Facebook takes over harvesting personal data. Users are stacked up like cans of beans over likes, dislikes, opinions, and just about everything that makes a user “tick.”

Yes, they sell users to advertisers. But who knows who else? In the mix of data are the keys to what winds a user up and gets them excited.

As one person said, “It’s the National Enquirer gone crazy. They know exactly what grabs you and how to push your hot buttons.”

You like the colour blue? Tomorrow, Facebook might have you liking red instead. And so much more! One major Facebook executive says, “The feedback loops we have created are destroying how society works – no civil discourse, no co-operation, misinformation and mistruths.”

He says of his own children, “I feel tremendous guilt. They’re not allowed to use this s***.”

Facebook is famous for its wild posts. That’s part of the FOMO. It moderates almost nothing. Every day, real news media has to deal with the often unhinged thoughts of readers.

This newspaper moderates its discussions. There aren’t many posts to look at, but it takes time. That just goes with the territory of law and business responsibility.

Facebook has about 750 million posts per day! How do you sort out the garbage from posts about family and friends?

Zuckerberg says he is hiring 20,000 people to check posts. At an average of two minutes to check a post, he needs an incredible 3,500,000 checkers!

He told Washington he will work on Artificial Intelligence to “fill the gaps.” No timeline except, “maybe a few years.”


The haters will continue. The abusers and manipulators will continue. Corporations and politicians will work to better use the brainwashing and the techniques of deception and getting into your brain.

This Wild West show will just carry on until something really breaks. Beyond what already has.


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