Club des Pionniers in Donnelly holds annual general meeting

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

Several repairs had to be made to the Club des Pionniers in 2017, but the building is now in working order.

This was one of the issues that Linda Lambers, outgoing president of the Club des Pionniers, highlighted as part of her speech to those present at the annual general meeting, held during the evening of April 20.

“We had a lot of breakdowns, but everything is fixed,” said Lambers.

This included the purchase of a new fridge, hot water tank and coffee pot. New gutters were also installed.

Other highlights of the AGM included Annette Drouin reading her treasurer’s report, and the election of the executive and board members.

The executive consists of: President Cecile Turcotte, Vice-President Dave Champion, Secretary Sue Champion and Treasurer Annette Drouin.

The new board members are Louise Fournier and Alice Pitre.


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