Chun’s Road Warriors Tae Kwon Do begins another season at GPV

Left-right, are Riley & Dylan Garant.
Mac Olsen
Express Staff

As Sabunim (instructor) Alain Johnson puts his students through their paces, he impresses upon them the five tenets of

Above, Laurence Soucy (in front) and Melanie Simard participate in the eight-and-up class at GPV in the evening of Sept. 18.
Tae Kwon Do:

. Courtesy.
. Integrity.
. Perseverance.
. Self-control.
. Indomitable Spirit.

These tenets will make them more disciplined as they progress through his teachings.

“I want them to get better at personal development and that they have fun training with us,” says Johnson.

Respect for everyone in the class is just as important, he adds.

Johnson, along with his wife, Shaylene Johnson, and Joey Sutton, started another season of Chun’s Road Warriors Tae Kwon Do on Sept. 18. They are teaching two classes on Tuesday nights at Georges P. Vanier in Donnelly, one for ages five to eight and the second for eight and up. On Thursday nights, they will teach these classes, as well as an adult class.

For the youngest students, they teach the basics, such as blocking, cardio, running, discipline and respect. The other classes are taught more intense moves and skill development.

The adult level is equivalent to sport for life – maintaining physical strength and learning new skills.

Johnson has been in the sport for 16 years and he will be testing for his Fifth-Degree Black Belt later in the season.

Two testing days will be held for the students during the season.

The first is tentatively slated for early December and members of Iron Tiger Tae Kwon Do in Manning will be joining them.

Sabunim (instructor) Alain Johnson, left, talks to the participants in the ages 5-8 group at their first lesson, held in the junior high gym at Georges P. Vanier during the evening of Sept. 18. Johnson emphasizes the tenets of Tae Kwon Do as part of his lessons to all students in Chun’s Road Warriors Tae Kwon Do.
Above are Gabriel Fillion & Suzan Kocherla.
Above are Naveyah Lambert & instructor Alain Johnson.


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