Central Peace – Notley MLA seeks top job

Central Peace – Notley MLA Todd Loewen registered June 1 at Elections Alberta to run in a leadership race for the United Conservative Party.

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Just over one year after being kicked out of the United Conservative Party, Central Peace – Notley MLA Todd Loewen wants to become the next party leader.
Loewen announced on his Facebook page June 1 that he registered with Elections Alberta for the leadership to succeed Jason Kenney, who announced May 18 he would resign when a new leader is chosen.
“I never saw myself having to do this, but I think it’s necessary to make the changes we need in government,” says Loewen, who was ousted from the UCP caucus May 13, 2021 after he questioned Kenney’s leadership skills. He has served as an Independent MLA since.
“I want to provide your voice – the people’s voice – a voice that has not been heard enough.”
Serving the Falher and McLennan region in his riding, he wants to renew trust and integrity in the party and government.
“My focus for the campaign is to promote fiscally-responsible government, efficient public services, democratic reform and end corruption in both government and party politics,” Loewen says.
“I want to see Alberta full of strong communities and families and I want to put particular emphasis on unique needs of rural Alberta.”
Loewen admits it will take time to regain trust.
“It’s going to be a long road to rebuild trust in the party and even public institutions,” he says.
“I think that most people can tolerate most decisions even when the result isn’t exactly what they want, as long as they believe the process is fair and that their concerns have been properly understood.
“That’s where a future leader will need to improve.”
He is eager to take his his message on the road to all regions of Alberta.
“I hope that as I travel the province, I get opportunities to listen to as many Albertans as possible and start earning their trust back,” he says.
Loewen trusts the party can move forward to better serve the needs and concerns of all Albertans.
“The leadership review was a stark reminder that for many months, half the party members felt like they weren’t being represented, let alone the public at large,” Loewen says.
“Those people deserve better representation.”
As a candidate, he has launched his campaign to seek support.
Filing his nomination papers makes it official.
“This is the first step of the process, allowing me to accept contributions,” Loewen says.
He planned to make a formal announcement June 7 about his leadership campaign in his hometown of Valleyview.
“I will try to build an uplifting campaign that can bring ideas and good policy discussion to the table,” Loewen says.
“I certainly hope we see a wide field of candidates doing the same because that’s how we arrive at better decisions.”
Loewen became the second MLA from the Peace region to join the race. Grande Prairie – Wapiti MLA Travis Loewen announced May 31 he was running after he resigned as finance minister.
Two former leaders of the former Wildrose Party are in the mix as well. Fort McMurray – Lac La Biche MLA Brian Jean and Danielle Smith have also registered to run for the leadership.
More candidates are expected to declare their intention to seek the leadership in the coming weeks.

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