Caudron nominated for top principal in Canada

Heather Caudron

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Joussard School principal Heather Caudron has been nominated by High Prairie School Division for the 2017 Canada’s Outstanding Principal Awards.

The program sponsored by The Learning Partnership recognizes outstanding contributions of principals in publicly-funded schools, who demonstrate innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and who have done something truly remarkable in public education.

Caudron has been employed with HPSD for 35 years and is a staff member who exemplifies the qualities of an outstanding principal and received a standing ovation by her colleagues upon announcement of her nomination, states a news release from HPSD.

“Her continued and overwhelming commitment to quality public education is a beacon in this division and we are truly grateful, thank you,” says Tammy Henkel, who chairs the board.

Letters of support were also expressed by division administration, students and staff of the school.

Division Supt. Laura Poloz also lauds her service.

“Joussard School may be small, and it may have limited enrollment compared to other schools across the country, but in our world, the hard work, dedication, compassion, and love of children and education that Heather Caudron has shown us over her 35-plus years of teaching is something that is truly outstanding,” Poloz states.

“The lives she has impacted over the course of her career are countless.
“High Prairie School Division counts itself lucky to have her on our team and there is no way we can ever repay her for the skill, grace, and excellence that she has delivered to our division.”

Grade 6 student Lashanda Gauchier also wrote a letter for the nominiaton.

“She allows us to do amazing extra curricular activities such as archery, basketball, and more,” Gauchier says.
“She always keeps her assemblies so that each class gets a chance to perform. She always is so happy and has a positive attitude towards her students. She always makes sure everyone is on their best behavior.
“She always is so nice to her education assistants and teachers and she treats them all with respect.
“She has lots of cool ideas in store for the future and plans out amazing plans. “I think that she should get a gold star for everything she does for us.
“I would not be at school without an amazing principal like her.
“Thank you for everything that you do for us.”

Joussard teacher Hannah Knowles also supported the nomination.

“Working with and for Heather has been a true privilege,” Knowles says.
“She creates a school environment that is friendly, positive, and uplifting. “Students love to be around her, teachers and staff love working with her, and community members feel welcome in our school at all times.
“She is a truly a great leader and principal.”

Winners will be announced by early February and will be honoured at a Gala in Toronto on Feb. 28.

Last year, more than 30 principals won the award.

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