Editorial – Butt out of Trans Mountain Pipeline debate, Al Gore

Mac Olsen

So now, Al Gore is sticking his nose into the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion debate, but he should stick to his book tours about ‘melting ice caps’.

Last week, an article in the Canadian Press about Al Gore’s condemnation of the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion, quoted Gore saying that the “’dirty tar sands oil’ would be a backward step in efforts to solve the climate crisis.”

The Canadian Press report also says Gore stands with B.C. Premier John Horgan, Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson and all others opposed to the pipeline expansion.

Gore, who predicted that the polar ice caps on earth would totally disappear by 2014, is the last person who should be speaking out or be given any sense of legitimacy.

Earth to Al Gore … Come in, Al Gore. The polar ice caps still exist and the polar bears still have ice to live on. Coastal cities around the world still haven’t been swallowed up by the oceans.

As I’ve said previously, “climate change” is nothing more than left-wing propaganda. It is a fraud, and I liken the environmentalist movement’s attempts to demonize Alberta’s oil sands or the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion to Kim Jong-Un’s tantrums when he doesn’t get what he wants.

Of course, Al Gore isn’t the only public figure to condemn Alberta’s oil sands. David Suzuki is also outspoken and the University of Alberta’s desire to give him an honourary degree is laughable in the extreme.

However, Suzuki should stick to ‘The Nature of Things’ TV show, and stay out of the “climate change” debate.

I came across an hilarious political cartoon in an Edmonton Journal last week. Two helicopters are flying, one with a bubbling cauldron of oil and the other with a bag of feathers and their intended target is the University of Alberta. That’s one of the best cartoons I’ve seen in a long time to criticize the environmentalist movement.

Of course, the environmentalist movement has Hollywood in its pocket, promoting messages that pronounce its “the end is nigh,” climate change doctrine.

The movie, ‘Geostorm,’ stars Gerard Butler as Jake, a satellite architect trying to stop “climate change.” Jake discovers a U.S. Government conspiracy to use an orbiting platform – designed to reverse “climate change” – to destroy half the world. As a result, the U.S. would become the dominant world power, as it was at the end of the Second World War.

“Geostorm’s” techno-babble and its unrealistic portrayal of “climate change” and how fast the world is working to “reverse it” are utterly laughable.

The movie ends with a little girl saying it’s up to all of us to take care of the earth – and I agree with that. I do my part in terms of recycling, using energy efficient light bulbs, etc.

But I will not let the environmentalist movement bamboozle me with end-of-the-world satire, especially Gore or Suzuki.


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